About KNX Consultants...

The history of KNX Consultants Ltd's principal covers over 30 years in the electronics industry, including 10 years of KNX based project activity. The company's activity is aimed at offering the ideal partnership for KNX capability development.

With a clear emphasis on Service, KNX Consultants offers a full spectrum of KNX focused services tailored to meet the needs of the professional client, ranging from complete project design work through to KNX Certification training and business development support.

KNX Consultants has a select base of private clients but works mainly with Systems Integrators who have specialisations in other fields such as Custom AV Installation or Interior Architecture, but see the demand to include KNX capability within their portfolio. KNX Consultants has a unique approach. It focuses exclusively on the support of the client. When undertaking any project activity, it concentrates its resources on the delivery of system design documentation and commissioning services, while leaving the procurement and delivery of the hardware implementation firmly in the domain of its client. Consequently, the client can feel in complete control, and confident in the integrity of its relationship with KNX Consultants.

KNX Consultants' ultimate objective, of course, is to help ensure that KNX systems delivered by its clients are of the highest standard and offer our end customers the peace of mind of knowing that they have quality product created by a professional team.